NCPC Beat 27X Redevelopment Vision

As a community, we have developed a vision of the redevelopment of our neighborhoods that improve our way of life and make the Melrose High District a better place to live.  Here you can read more about it!


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Important Emergency #'s & Info

To call the police:
From a cell phone in Oakland,
call: 772-3211
From a landline, or from a cell phone
not in Oakland, call: 911

For helpful city of oakland information,
check out the City of Oakland web site at

Click here for Important City and Community Contact Information

Resources and Community Organizations

Some of the links in this section and some businesses may be out of date. As we are all volunteers, sometimes we get a bit—or a lot—behind. Our apologies. We'll update ASAP. Or, if you are Web-savvy and would like to help us keep this website up to date, contact us.


Melrose Branch Oakland Public Library

The Melrose Branch Library is on Foothill at 48th. You can't miss the classic Carnegie building. It's one of the gems of the neighborhood. Use your OPL card to check out books, videos, DVDs. You can also use the library’s computers and participate in children and teen activities and an adult book club. Currently, the library needs your support. If you don’t have one, apply at Melrose Branch for a library card. Use the Melrose Branch to pick up and return your books. Go directly to the Melrose Branch Library Web site to find out what's new, to use the OPL catalog, and to get directions.

Fremont Pool

Fremont Pool is at 4550 Foothill. This city swimming pool is one of the Oakland Park and Recreation Centers pools. Renovated in 2009, the pool building is decorated with tiles made by neighbors, adults and kids. Unfortunately, the pool is closed except in summer and keeps limited hours. Call 535-5614 for updates. Make your voice heard if you want the pool to be open more often and you will support it. Go to the city's public pool page for listings of more pools with hours during the winter. Lions Pool in Dimond Park is the closest to our neighborhood Recreation Centers & Facilities

MacArthur Metro

After publishing since April 1989, the MacArthur Metro ceased publication with the October 2012 issue. As of November 2012, some interested members of the community are working to resume publication, perhaps as early as December 2012. More information will be posted here when it is confirmed one way or another. Meanwhile, the MacArthur Metro historical archive is still online, you can link direclty to it in the next paragraph. 

The MacArthur Metro is the area's nonprofit community monthly newspaper, covering our beat as well as the Dimond, Laurel, Allendale, Jefferson, Maxwell Park, Leona Heights, Redwood Heights, and parts of the Millsbrae neighborhood. A print edition has been published monthly for more than 20 years. Current copies can be found at the library and in local businesses. You can also read  the MacArthur Metro online. Affectionally known as "the Metro," the paper welcomes volunteer writers, photographers, and behind-the-scenes help.

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Organizations serving primarily children or teens

Boys & Girls Club

  • Boys & Girls Club:
    Anna Marie Whelan Branch, 3300 High St., near Walgreens. 535-9461, Boys and Girls Club of Oakland. Our beat supported this club by sponsoring sponsorships for neighborhood children.
  • Boys2Men
    Boy's 2 Men Youth Outreach is at 5319 Fairfax. This is an educational after-school group. For information, call 434-0333 A short blurb about the organization can be found at
  • Brookdale Recreation Center
    Brookdale Recreation Center is at the corner of High & Brookdale is the closest rec center operated by Oakland Parks & Recreation (OPR). It is open afterschool and during school holidays. In this time of financial cutbacks, it's best to confirm hours before heading over. Call 535-5632 or go to the Web site, Recreation Centers & Facilities: Brookdale Recreation Center. You can also find out more about OPR programs by going to the city Web site, click on Residents, then scroll down to Sports and click on Parks,
  • Discovery Science Center
    Discovery Science Center at 2535 High St. is an after-school science and creativity program. Director Rich Bolecek was the co-founder of this organization, designed to give students from elementary through high school an alternative to the streets. The Center is now a part of Oakland Parks & Recreation (OPR). For information Programs, Classes and Activities: Discovery Center  or call 535-5657.  
  • YMCA Eastlake Branch,
    1612 45th Ave.,  behind Mi Pueblo, 534-7441, Urban Services YMCA

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Beat or close-by businesses
Check out this partial list and explore Beat and close-by neighborhoods yourself. If you find a business or organization that should be mentioned, let us know. We are especially interested in listing businesses that support community-building and that are real assets to the neighborhoods.

Arts, Music, Theater

  • Flux53, 5300-5312 Foothill Blvd. theater and artspace. Flux is still closed ad of November 2012.  Home

Our Retail, restaurant, and service businesses, a very partial list

 High Street

  • Island Market, Congress & High, mom & pop "corner grocery" store. Also has a meat counter. Supports our beat with food and beverage donations to some meetings and the annual Block Party. This business was totally responsible to neighbor concerns and even replaced a solid wall with a picture window to assure customer and employee safety and make the business more attractive. The business deserves our support.
  • Mama Rosa's pizza, Fairfax & High, small take-put place with inexpensive pizza, posts MHH meeting notices. Mama Rosa's sells good pizzas for $5 each. Several interesting topping choices.
  • Site of the former M&W liquors, Fairfax & High, is once again an empty storefront. 
  • Mi Pueblo Bancroft & High (old Lucky/Albertsons site) Supports our beat with donations of food for the Block Party and the Thanksgiving potluck
  • Susie's Deals Bancroft & High (Mi Pueblo site/old Lucky site) Inexpensive casual clothes and work uniforms
  • Foothill & High mini mall
    • Chinese restaurant
    • Laundromat
    • Phone store
    • Tax preparation business (seasonal)
    • Nails-Tek Manicure-pedicure businesses
    • Subway sandwich shop

Foothill Blvd.

  • Pupusas just beyond the mini-mall
  • Simpson Soul Food Congress & Foothill
  • Red Pepper — At the site of the former La Nueva Taqueria. Jorge, the owner has put planters in front of the little restaurant to help beautify the neighborhood. He opened the business in early fall. 
  • Oanh Nails near Lighthouse church
  • Fairfax Liquors Belvedere & Foothill

Fairfax to Bancroft business block

  • Islers Liquors Fairfax & Foothill —Owner Andre Isler. Long-time supporter of our beat with donations of beverages, ice, and snacks for Block Parties,Thanksgiving baskets, and meetings.
  • Ossies Chocolate City Barber 5329 Fairfax Ave. has been in the block for several years. 
  • Girly Girl women’s clothing is closed as of November 2012
  • Grounded II is a coffee shop in the middle of this block. This business is only open sporadically
  • Luis Coffee shop & breakfast place corner of Fairfax, facing Bancroft

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Other Local businesses/shopping areas

International Blvd. (also known as E. 14th St. in our neighborhood.)

A small section of International Blvd. from High to Bancroft Way is in Beat 27X. This includes the strip mall at the High & International corner (1450 High), one of our Beat priorities. 2011 Top Three Priorities | Where Community Comes First!

International Blvd./14th St. crosses the entire city from the border of San Leandro through central downtown and to West Oakland almost to Outer Harbor. In the vicinity of Melrose High Hopes, International Blvd./E. 14th is a lively shopping district with a definite South of the Border ambiance. It is the site of two major city-wide annual events, Cinco de Mayo and El Dia de los Muertos. Shoppers can find produce markets, restaurants, shops, and several small businesses within walking distance of most of Beat 27X addresses. The Fruitvale BART station is a block off of International Blvd. at 35th Ave.


Laurel District

The Laurel District contains the main shopping area close to Melrose High Hopes Beat 27X. Here shoppers can find a Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, produce markets including House of Produce and the original Farmer Joe’s, a Maxx Value supermarket, Laurel Ace Hardware store, Laurel Books independent book store, Komodo Toys, several boutiques, restaurants, and other small businesses. Laurel District is also the venue for the annual Second Saturday in August Street Fair sponsored by Laurel merchants (Laurel District Association) and venue for the Fete de la Musique, the Summer Solstice Music Festival celebrated in Paris, London, Berlin, New York ... and Oakland. 


Dimond District

The Dimond District is about 4 miles from Beat 27X. It is another local shopping area with a large Farmer Joe’s, a La Farine bakery, several coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, a Paws & Claws pet shop, and other small businesses and restaurants, many with local activist owners. It is the site of the Dimond Oaktoberfest. The first Saturday in October will see the Dimond's fifth annual Oaktoberfest.


Public Schools

Elementary Schools

Horace Mann Elementary School

In 2007, Melrose High Hopes Beat 27X NCPC formally adopted Horace Mann school. Horace Mann Elementary - Oakland, CA - Home

Here is a link to our adoption document describing some of our commitments at the time of adoption.

Middle Schools

High Schools

Fremont Federation of High Schools

Fremont Federation of High Schools, Oakland, CA is at 4610 Foothill Blvd., 879-8881.  Fremont High for a brief time was a federation of four, then three, small schools. It reverted back to one school in Fall 2012. You can also reach them through the Web site Fremont Federation of High Schools, Oakland, CA

Houses of Worship

Let us know about any houses of worship in the Beat that are not mentioned here. If your house of worship has a Web site, sent us the url.


  • Prayer Tower Church is on 47th Ave. at Thompson. This church often works as partner with our beat, participating at memorials and with the annual Block Party and Thanksgiving potluck. 
  • Iglesia de Dios 47th Ave.
  • Lighthouse Deliverance Church Foothill Blvd. between Belvedere and Fairfax.
  • High St. Presbyterian Church, Courtland & High (technically this is across the street from MHH Beat27X but close enough so we are including it. 


Mohammad Mosque #26, Foothill Blvd, between Fairfax and Congress.



Home of Peace, 4700 Block of Fairfax, orthodox Jewish cemetery, open to respectful visitors. Closed Saturdays.


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Government Officials & city, county, federal contacts & links

City of Oakland

Here is the City of Oakland's official Web site. Check it out. City of Oakland - Official City Website

You can reach almost every city official or agency by starting here. Most city officials and employees also have an email that consists of his or her first initial and last name @ If you do not know and can not find the contact info for an oakland official or employee try that formula. For example, Council member Libby Schaaf can be reached at

City Council

MHH Beat 27X is unusual in that four city council members represent all or part of the beat.

Libby Schaaf, District Four

They are Libby Schaaf, 238-7004, Her Aide for Beat 27X is Shereda Nosakhare,
  You can sign up for Councilmember Schaaf's newsletter by sending an email to

Ignacio DeLaFuente, District Five

Ignacio De La Fuente, 238-7005, His Aide for Beat 27X is Richard Fuentes, 

Desley Brooks, District Six

Desley Brooks, 238-7006,

Rebecca Kaplan, At-Large

Rebecca Kaplan,


Executive Branch

Here is a link to the Mayor’s office and some other contacts for city, county, state, and federal officials (some with links).

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan  Mayor ~ City of Oakland, California

City of Oakland City Administrator

City Attorney (this link may need updating)   Oakland City Attorney  

City Auditor Courtney Ruby Office of the City Auditor - City of Oakland

 Oakland Unified School District Oakland Unified School District

Oakland Public Library Carmen Martinez

 Oakland Unified School District 

Alameda County

County Supervisor, Nate Miley  About Nate Miley - District 4 - Board of Supervisors - Alameda County  

Alameda County District Attorney, Nancy O'Malley  Home - Alameda County District Attorney's Office     

State of California

Assemblyperson Sandre Swanson, 16th Assembly District  California State Assemblymember Sandré Swanson - 16th Assembly District

State senator Loni Hancock, Senate District 9,

Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. (Jerry Brown) 


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U.S. Government

Congressperson Barbara Lee, Representative in Congress, 9th Congressional District, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee : Home

U. S. Senator Barbara Boxer Barbara Boxer Official Website of U.S Senator Barbara Boxer: Home

U. S. Senator Dianne Feinstein Dianne Feinstein, California United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, California : Home

President Barack Obama  Home | The White House