The Melrose High Hopes, NCPC Beat 27x Mission:
To improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.

NCPC Beat 27X Redevelopment Vision

As a community, we have developed a vision of the redevelopment of our neighborhoods that improve our way of life and make the Melrose High District a better place to live.  Here you can read more about it!


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Important Emergency #'s & Info

To call the police:
From a cell phone in Oakland,
call: 772-3211
From a landline, or from a cell phone
not in Oakland, call: 911

For helpful city of oakland information,
check out the City of Oakland web site at

Click here for Important City and Community Contact Information


Welcome to, a website that serves the needs of the people of our NCPC Beat 27x neighborhoods. In addition, we have included a page of community resources that will help you find what you need locally instead of having to travel long distances outside of our community.

But that's not all! Soon we hope to add a Spanish version of the site, as soon as we find a volunteer that will work with us to translate the content (If you are interested in working with us on the Spanish version, please contact the webmaster from the "Contact Us" Page).

If you wish to become a member of the Melrose High Hopes NCPC Beat 27x, you can find a link in the upper left column that will help you "Join Us" for our meetings and events. Below that you will find a list of upcoming meetings and events with links to more information in blue. Finally, if you have a business in the beat, and are interested in helping to sponsor our efforts in any way, Contact Us. Your sponsorship will entitled you to an advertisement page on our site that everyone will be able to access, as well as a link to your site from that page!

So check us out, then step up and get involved! Together, we can make our community a better place!



EARTH DAY April 26  9AM - 12 PM
Melrose High Hopes

The City of Oakland is offering a new tool that streamlines the process of reporting a problem. SeeClickFix is an online and mobile tool that helps residents report and track non-emergency problems, such as graffiti, illegal dumping or potholes. With apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, and a Web interface that is simple and intuitive, users can submit a report with a photo, track requests and monitor local activity.
Visit Oakland Public Works website for more information >

Welcome to Melrose High Hopes Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council Beat 27X

This is the Web site for the Oakland, California community policing beat in the Fairfax-Melrose neighborhood. The boundaries of Beat 27X are High St. to Brookdale Ave. to 55th Ave. to Bancroft Ave. to Bancroft Way to International Blvd. (E. 14th St.) and back to High St.

Photo above is a group of neighbors about to set off on one of our monthly neighborhood walks to explore our neighborhood.

Description of the NCPC program

For the purpose of community policing, the City of Oakland is divided into three police service areas (PSA) and 57 police beats. Community policing allows neighbors to work together with police and other city officials and agencies to create a strategy for crime prevention. The division into 57 beats allows participants to work on a micro level to identify problems and solutions pertinent to a particular neighborhood. Ideally, communication among beats and between the police, other city officials and employees, neighbors, and relevant local organizations allows city-wide information to be shared.

You can reach the OPD Web site at Police Department ~ City of Oakland, California. The “Area Command Structure and Beats Map” will take you to a pdf map of the city divided into PSAs and beats.

Melrose High Hopes Beat 27X Goals

Melrose High Hopes Beat 27X is an offshoot of one of the first community policing organizations in the city. For more information about Beat 27x, see our History of The Beat section below.

Goals of this beat include crime prevention and awareness and a commitment to quality of life issues including community building/ getting to know your neighbors, beautification, Horace Mann Elementary School support, Courtland Creek preservation.

To reach these goals, we hold meetings each month on the third Thursday , a multi-neighborhood Block Party in the summer, and a Thanksgiving potluck at our November meeting where we also collect food for distribution to needy families.

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Overall Goals of the NCPC

Crime Prevention.

Communicate crime concerns to OPD and other government officials, monitor follow-up, and take action toward creating and preserving safe neighborhoods.

Traffic Safety.

Communicate traffic hazards including illegal sideshows to police and relevant governmental officials, monitor follow up and take action to assure correction.

Community Building.

Hold annual events to get to know neighbors including Block Party and Thanksgiving potluck and food distribution.


Participate in annual Creek to Bay and Earth Day events, clean up and plant traffic islands, create and maintain Horace Mann school gardens, clean up and beautify Courtland Creek.

Horace Mann Elementary School

Support our adopted neighborhood school, Horace Mann Elementary.

Neighborhood Watch

NCPC Beat 27X is also the umbrella organization for the area Neighborhood Watch (NW). You can find some information on NW in our neighborhoods here . For some very basic and general information, go to to OPD's NW page Neighborhood Watch ~ City of Oakland, California.

Melrose High Hopes History of the Beat

In 1994, the city instituted Community Policing. The High Street Neighborhood Alliance served as a prototype for what are now the 57 Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils that now serve the city of Oakland. We'll have more about the history of Community Policing in Oakland and our own Beat 27X in coming months. Meanwhile, keep alert and keep in touch with your neighbors about changes to Community Policing and the role of NCPCs, especially in light of the city's financial situation.

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